Future – Guap Mode

Future – Guap Mode

With a voice that sound great “Future ”  has officially release Guap Mode which fans have been waiting for. Download or stream this audio by using the link below to get the highest quality.

Before the song starts, the title sounds so similar to Camelot, King Arthur’s castle and his associate, Lancelot, that it’s impossible not to associate the knights with Future, who himself gives off a princely, regal vibe more often than not. Just look at this outfit, it looks like it’s from another era.

The song itself is standard Future fare (in a good way). This type of song, made by anyone else, would be a yawn; the beat is a video gamey synth melody with a simple, repetitive hook over it, but Future’s confidence and poise makes it impossible to stop listening. This is the sound of a master at work.

Take A Listen Below


DOWNLOAD Future – Guap Mode

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