Black Thought Says F**k A Hook On “Twofifteen”

Black Thought Says F**k A Hook On "Twofifteen"

Black Thought, your truly, voice of the World famous Division One Roots Band, “merks rappers,” even those who play possum. Yesterday the Universe celebrated Black Thought’s fabulous appreciation over time. Streams Of Thought Vol. 1, his EP with producer 9th Producer, didn’t break any ground, nor does it surpass his exploits as a member of The Roots. In turn, it allowed Black Thought to be self-interested for once. 9th Wonder’s production on “Twofifteen” doesn’t conjure any feelings of disbelief, and yet it feels like the perfect set of rudiments for a lyricist as dexterous as Black Thought.

“Twofifteen” is a nod to Philadelphia’s area code, which on some level next to Afro-Intellectualism, is the greatest influence on his present day output. Listening to Black Thought rap about his love of “illadel” is like witnessing a person live in one setting their whole life, except in the case of Black Thought, he’s tapped into universal, almost Sufic knowledge.

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